Thursday, July 8, 2010

Provocative Parenting II

I am working through Lou Priolo's book The Heart of Anger. Yesterday I posted the first ten ways we as parents provoke our children to anger. Here are the last fifteen.

1. Parents Reversing God-Given Roles

2. Not Listening to Your Child's Opinion or Taking Their Side of the Story Seriously

3. Comparing Them to Others

4. Not Making Time Just to Talk

5. Not Praising or Encouraging Your Child

6. Failing to Keep Your Promises

7. Chastening in Front of Others

8. Not Allowing Enough Freedom: His point here is that when a child demonstrates faithfulness they should be rewarded with more freedom. If a parent refuses to reward faithfulness they could provoke the child.

9. Allowing Too Much Freedom: His point here is that when a child demonstrates sinful behavior and it is not dealt with or the child continues to enjoy all privileges then the parents are provoking the child to anger.

10. Mocking Your Child

11. Abusing Them Physically

12. Ridiculing or Name Calling

13. Unrealistic Expectations

14. Practicing Favoritism

15. Child Training with Worldly Methodologies Inconsistent with God's Word

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