Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Stupid Idea

Saw this picture on Facebook. Here is a small rant about it. 

This is a very stupid idea. How you see yourself matters very little if you see yourself wrongly. Take our feline friend for example. Since he thinks he is a lion he is going to out and attack the rottweiler next door and get torn into pieces. Yet most Americans think they create reality with their minds. How they feel or think dictates how things really are. It is hard to imagine a more foolish way of living. Here is also why you have a bunch of immature people running around thinking they are wise, a bunch of middle aged white men believing they are 16, and a bunch 50 year old women thinking they are 25. Just like that cat in the picture, when you are all by yourself it seems right. But then reality sets in. You are not a lion. You are small domesticated tabby cat. You are not that hip. You are really a slightly overweight middle aged man whose life is half over. You are not a sexy 25 year old. You are forty with wrinkles and sagging body parts. You are not that wonderful mature person who everyone should listen to. You are really a fool with very little wisdom to offer. See yourself as you really are. Not as you wish, feel, or think you are. (James 1:22-24)

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Let the saints be joyful in glory, let them sing aloud on their beds, let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a two edged sword in their hand, to execute vengeance on the nations, and punishments on the peoples; to bind the kings with chains and their nobles with fetters of iron. Psalm 149:5-8