Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Take Up and Read: Special AV Edition

Douglas Wilson's brother, Gordon Wilson, gives two lectures on setting the record straight: Creation vs. Evolution.

The first one is here.
The second one here.

 A couple of years ago Rich Lusk gave an excellent sermon on Deuteronomy 6 and training our children. You can find it here.  It is the first sermon on the list. I left this message with a renewed desire to honor God with my children.

If you are looking for a comprehensive and Biblical web site for counseling, you cannot do better than There are numerous articles, audio segments, and video segments that address every area of counseling. I know many of you wonder about how a Christian should approach things like psychiatry and drugs for schizophrenia, etc. They address these issues as well as many others. Here is a link to their  resources page.  I have not read nearly all that is here. So do not assume I endorse everything. But I think their general direction is the best I have found.

Finally, here is the video of the question and answer session from the Ligonier's 2012 National Conference. Many godly men are here, giving answers to various questions.

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