Friday, February 10, 2012

Worship or Evangelism?

Here are some additional thoughts by Jim Jordan on whether worship should be evangelistic or not.  I agree with his general argument. Our worship service is for believers.

"If worship is turned into evangelism, then it is no longer prayer.  Jesus said His house was to be a house of prayer."

Here he comments on I Corinthians 14:24-25.  "To the marginal extent that worship is evangelistic, it is precisely when it is completely uncompromised.  We don't worship to be seen by men, but if men are going to watch us anyway, we should not compromise for them.  The more uncompromisedly Biblical we are, the better the 'witness' is."

"When we turn worship into an open evangelistic meeting, or try to accommodate worship to evangelistic purposes, we lose the purpose of worship.  Worship and evangelism are two different things. The one is directed toward God, the other toward unconverted sinners.  The Church will be much healthier when these two things are kept separate.  We need to do both; but we don't need to confuse them."

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