Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Desiring God Pastors Conference

Pastor John Piper's annual Desiring God Pastors Conference just finished up. I did not listen to the lectures, but I did read the notes. The topic this year was prayer. I have linked to the pages where you can find the audio, video, and notes. I have followed each link with a quote I liked from the lecture. All of them were helpful, but I found Pastor Beeke's two lectures especially convicting.

Joel Beeke on Cultivating Prayer as a Pastor
"We too often see prayer as an interruption to our ambition."

Paul Miller on Helping Our People Discover Prayer
"The biggest secret to prayer is helplessness. Feeling our need for Jesus will drive us to prayer."

Francis Chan on Prayer as Walking in Love
"Every time I experience answered pray, I am just in awe of God. Why do I do anything but pray? The only thing that ever differentiates between me and some other religion is that God is my God who answers prayer."

John Piper on Robert McCheyne's Prayer Life
"The key to [McCheyne's] power in preaching was his personal holiness and his communion with Christ in word and prayer."

Joel Beeke on Leading Family Worship
"Would that everyone of us would say tonight with conviction, 'As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.' It is possible for God to bless our families and our children if we have failed in this, but it is his normal operation to bless those families who are regular in family worship."

Jerry Rankin on Missions and Prayer
"One of our missionaries who gave her life for the cause of Christ had left a letter with her pastor before she had left for Iraq. In the letter, she had written, “His glory is my reward.” That is what will motivate us and our churches. That is what will motivate our relationship with God in prayer to call for the evangelization of the nations."

Panel Discussion on Prayer

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